Magic Markers

The memory train
passes stations

that have long since closed for service.

Eyes in windows – hollow black sockets –

follow the dreamer.

Nameless things with wings

are leaving the eaves,

rising up high into mindspace,

settling softly on flotsam

ostensibly discarded eons ago

to lighten the journey.

Wondrous transformation:

sackcloth and ashes

become precious lace

with the help of magic markers.

first published in the poetry collection 'Tangents'

Rose Mary Boehm's picture

A German-born UK national, Rose Mary Boehm lives and works in Peru. Two novels (COMING UP FOR AIR and THE TELLING) as well as a collection of her poems (TANGENTS) have been published in the UK. Many recent poems have been published - or are about to be published - in mainly US poetry reviews such as 'Toe Good', 'Burning Word', 'Other Rooms', 'Full of Crow', 'Poetry Quarterly', 'Verse Wisconsin', 'Punchnel's' and quite a few others.

Last updated September 09, 2015