Conversation With My Heart

I tell my heart to be silent

...I admonish it every day.

I tell it she's tired of hearing it

...tired of what it has to say.

It's whispers I mute when passionate

...are kept under strict control.

Lest she hears not love's voice

...lest it caress not her soul.

'Tis not your fault my heart, place the blame is on me.

For I know how urgently you long to speak desperately you want to be set free.

To let passion so color your words paint faithfully the angel you see.

Whose blue eyes and precious heart

...dared the courage to set you free.

Ah, but here is love's conundrum is love's truest test.

If truly we do love her?

...we must do for her what's best.

Ah, but it's not so easy love with all your heart.

Bite your tongue, abide in silence emotions are tearing you apart.

So this is why we do what we do

...this conversation so often takes place.

That the fervor of love's passion

...infringe not upon love's grace.

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Just a simple man writing simple poetry.

Last updated May 02, 2015