Wherever You Go, There You Are

Where ever you go, there you are. 
You can lie to yourself but you can’t run away

Suppression, mental repression,
Leads to depression.
Lying to yourself daily,
Self deluded.
No wonder you’re so wasted.
Numbed by your own convictions.
Coward you let them feed you,
So you don’t have to think for yourself.
Oh it’s so much easier that way.
What happens when it’s you that you face?
What happens when it’s you that you face?
What do you say?
How do you justify?
How do you stay?
When it's you that you face?
How do you stay
If you can’t run away?

Ryssel Guzman's picture

My words are my art because they carry my truths. I am a 22 year old Latina female from New York. I was a poet before I ever knew it. Growing up I would write down rhymes on anything I could find. It was a need I did not quite understand. Poetry has always been my personal tool. My therapy. Now I've gotten to the place where the need is no longer just to write, but to share. Though I am still protective over my writing, I have realized it would be selfish to not share with others. I would deprive people of a chance to feel understood, connected, as I have felt understood and connected. So I share in hopes that my words touch.

Last updated July 02, 2012