My wish for You!

Some of you are family
Some of you are friends
And some of you are strangers
But this message I must send

Time is short and precious
And time will be called to end
But you shall forever remain with me
And together our friendship shall ascend
To the highest abode of zenith
Our united spirit must transcend
For you are my every breath of air
I cannot fathom without u
And in sync together we must bare
To pull each other through all times
Eternally out of web’s despair

I wish for you an enormous mountain
Full of blessings from above
Flooding out of the holy fountain
Enveloping you like a glove
An explosion of a tremendous volcanic lava
Of peace, amity,and love
Streaming through prosperity and exhiliration
Splashing around ur vivid soul above,
Like a magnetic force of pure elevation
And the heavenly wings of a dove

Straight into the dephtness of ur heart
Everything of natures purity
Sustaining you to earth’s harmony
A place of unfeigned spirituality


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Love life.

Last updated October 26, 2011