The Majestic Sun and his Embracing Moon

He held his magnificent head up high,
And stretched his arms throughout the sky.
He stood up tall for all to see,
His strength and power astounded me.
Come wind, come rain, come hail, come snow,
His majestic touch for all to grow.

He dragged himself to the edge of the day,
A special place he wished, forever he could stay.

With open arms, she embraced him, for all to see,
For this is what she wished for eternity.
She hugged him gently, and squeezed him tight,
For he belonged to her, all through tonight.
Her dazzling face lit up the sky,
For she felt her love for him with never die.

But Time, can be a nasty thing,
For Time returned with his forgotten wing.
With dimly hands, she let him go,
For her magnificent light, only for him would glow.
From dawn till dusk, he must return,
With a heavy heart he did adjourn.

She raced as fast as she could, to the edge of the day
And there she saw him, a short distance away.

The silent forces willed them together,
and then they surrendered their love forever


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Love life.

Last updated September 14, 2011