A Writer's Pen

A pen, when a writer holds
A brand new chapter unfolds
A few lines can make him the king
It can make him fly on a single wing

A writer without his pen
Is like a leader without powers
A writer without his pen
Is like a garden without flowers

A writer's pen
Makes him complete
A writer's pen
Can make him compete

A writer's pen
Never stops to write
It puts down everything
It beholds in sight

A writer's pen
Is his own pride
He gives it special importance
Everything else is kept aside

A writer's pen
Can show him the right path
A writer's pen
Can control his wrath

A writer's pen
Is what he needs
A writer's pen
Is on what he feeds

Sahiti Siddharth

Sahiti Siddharth's picture

I started writing poems when i was in the third grade (eight years old). I have been writing since then. I used to publish some of my poems in children's magazines and newspapers. I now have decided to move on and show my work to a larger audience., my biggest dream is becoming a well-known poet and writer. My friends and family are the biggest part of my dream.

Last updated March 08, 2013