Salah Jahin

In American stories, gangs kill
Those who are suspected of tattletale to authorities.
The leader orders him into the jungle
And the bullet acts as a welcome to the wolves.

He knew too much,
And those dead cannot rise and speak!

And notorious American gangs,
Do not steal hundreds or thousands.
No, they steal people’s humanity.
With atomic weapons and microbial bombs.

And those who expose their crimes get killed.
Such as Rosenberg and his wife Ethel.

And the wife and husband get killed.
So that peace may die on the pavement.
Peace is a dream, and people are a scary nightmare
When they sell weapons before bread.

And the judges are at your disposal Eisenhower,
They are all moldable balls in your hands.

They judge according to the law, and you are the law.
The one who leads the country into imprisonment.
Dollars fill wallets and stomachs.
And tears fill throats and eyes.

And behavior shifts bit by bit,
Till the idea of freedom dies.

The people walk sadly in the streets,
And the machines sleep next to the factory workers.
When they stood to mourn the atrocities
Rosenberg witnessed upon his return.

All for nothing… as in the end of the last chapter of the story,
He was met with an electric chair.

They use every force in nature to kill,
Electric, Atomic and more, to ensure destruction.
And ever day, they further mutate the people.
But the people, their strength is stored in their hearts.

For their ears, their sickles and their flowers,
For when injustice ends, and machines run once again.

And the machines will and run systematically,
So that humans may live freely in peace.
And the sky will be covered in an army of doves,
Flying over Egypt’s land and Vietnam’s mountains.

Even in America, where people will say,
Rosenberg lives on forever.

Last updated September 23, 2022