Untitled, Obligation , Good time , Search , Rediscover

The one who
cast his net all the night
ties his boat to the shore
and is waiting for the carpenters word.

The child in the womb
said to the mother
“ I am in this cell
for months together .
You kept me safe till now
and did not dectect my gender,
I am grateful to you for this.
I am afraid to come
into your world.
You are slaves to
Religion, Language and Creed.
Ensure me the womb’s safety
in your world.
Failing which
i am ready for a sacrifice. ”

As soon as i learnt
the difference between humans
between humans and poetry
between humans and critics
i was attacked by them

the moment i discerned
between height and the lack of it
color and the dearth of it
silence and din
i was attacked again

a good time to attack
is when one learns of differences

I searched you
on the dining table
You were distributing bread
to the multitudes .

I searched you
in the church
You were shining
on the farmers body in the field

I seached for you
in the goat shed
You went in search
of the lost sheep.

I searched for you
at the border
You showed me a world
without borders

I searched for you
in the bed
You danced as flowers
in the mountains.

You welcomed me
into your arms once again
It was drizzling
out there .
The grass
appeared more greenish
The walk ways
calling us to use them.
The trees
were in their best attire.
The lights in a row
were smiling at us.
Beloved let us thank the rain
and rediscover
that we care for each other

Santosh Alex

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I am an Indian poet writing poetry in english and my mothertongue, Malayalam. My poems have been published in Hudson View, Rahapen, Enchanting Verse, Indian Ruminations and Pratilipi. My poems have been widely translated into indian langues viz Telugu, Hindi and Odiya.

Last updated August 12, 2011