New Atheism

Bestseller books
'God is not Great'
'The God Delusion'
O ignorance of people!
That lend their ears
To this new atheism
Spiritual pieties will cure us
Be wise
New atheism is another fundamentalism
Fear the wrath of Jove

No Nietzsche
No Kant
No rhetoric of Marx
'Religion is the opium of people'
Only simple truth I have in mind

Solid truth

Sermon on the Mount takes care of us

No Freud, no Derrida's clap-trap

I find the key

A golden key

There it is

Ten Commandments

What are you waiting for
How far away from truth new atheists are
The solution , find at last

Think of the Ten Commandments

Beautiful earth is paralyzed

Because you don’t remember Sermon on the Mount
Because you don’t remember Ten Commandments
Come home out of dragon’s trap

Come home

You say: religion has created
Violence and cruelty in the past and present
We have no other way

Be righteous, humble, pure in heart


Santosh Kumar's picture

Dr. Santosh Kumar (b. 1946) is a poet, short-story writer and an editor of, from India; DPhil in English; Editor of Taj Mahal Review and Harvests of New Millennium Journals; several awards; member of World Poets Society (W.P.S.); member of World Haiku Association, Japan; presented papers in the seminar, interviews as special guest at international literary festival WORDS – one path to peace and understanding Oslo, Norway in September 2008; attended 20th Annual International Literary Festival Druskininkai Poetic Fall and 5th World Haiku Association Conference in Lithuania, Sept 30 to Oct 5, 2009; published poetry in Indian Verse by Young Poets (1980), World Poetry (1995 & 1996), The Fabric of A Vision (2001), The Still Horizon (2002), The Golden Wings (2002), Voyages (2003), Symphonies (2003), New Pegasus (2004), Explorers (2004), Dwan (USA), Promise (Purple Rose Publications, USA), World Haiku 2008 No. 4, World Haiku 2009 No. 5, Taj Mahal Review (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008). He has also edited sixteen World Poetry Anthologies, and four books of World’s Great Short Stories. He is also the author of a collection of poems entitled Helicon (Cyberwit, India, ISBN 81-901366-8-2), Haiku collection New Utopia (Rochak Publishing, India ISBN 978-81-903812-0-8), NO NUKES: Brave New World of Beauty, A Long Narrative Poem, Songs of Peace & Haiku (Rochak Publishing, India ISBN 978-81-903812-3-9), and Critical Essays in collaboration with Adam Donaldson Powell (Cyberwit, India, 978-81-8253-110-9). He has also edited The Poetic Achievement of Ban'ya Natsuishi (Cyberwit, India, ISBN: 978-81-8253-149-9).

Last updated June 09, 2011