Confused and wary like a 
spermwhale, you are 
nosediving; - 

through the shadows 
of terrible pain 
ejecting ambergris. 

Who was getting 
the bribery 
to fix the belly button? 

This was not revolution. 
It was evolution- 
of a stinking city. 

The gods were sleeping 
on the lips of a pride. 
Nurses were preparing the bed. 

How far the sane voice 
will reach, to deliver 
the relics of a salted dynasty? 

Unbodied, how do I touch you 
groping? The message was not 
clear. How to kill oneself on stage? 

A beehive falls on 
your head. Are you going 
to scream? 

Entire town was going 
for a pilgrimage. The saint 
was preparing for a self-burial. 

A hundred thousand moons 
were placed on your crown. 
The sun was going to roll. 

Charred bodies 
were turning in graves. 
Who was becoming untouchable now? 

Give me a kiss of cobra. 
My bandaged life 
wants to sleep in peace. 

His severed legs were 
tucked under his head to serve as a pillow. 
He was half-eaten. 

was silencing all the shames 
Woman, I am not coming home.

Satish Verma

Ajmer, Rajasthan, India

Satish Verma's picture

Pitted against the forces bigger than him Satish Verma has been fighting with life on his own terms. In this savage, violent and raging times, he has authored several collections of poetry in English and Hindi, in concrete and precise verses, analyzing the complex nature of man, history and ancient heritage of Homo sapiens. And standing at crossroads he is asking where do we go from here. His poetry communicates a beautiful, mystical mind exploring the images of nature, trying to find the meaning of the life and death, the ecstasy of talking to moon, flowers and wind in the kingdom of god. He wants to know cannot we live in peace?, Satish Verma addresses the most complex questions of philosophy, religion and political culture in a very subtle but virtual shocking manner. As aptly said by Lao Tzu, The one who speaks does not know, The one who knows does not speak, 5-Aii, Mayor Colony, Alwar Gate, Ajmer-305007 INDIA

Last updated October 30, 2012