A Veterans Memories Breeze By In the Wind

As the breeze sets in
And the sun sets down on me
I comfortably sit on a cliff with my dog Biff
Watching the waves of the ocean
Dance onto the ocean shore

As I sit with my arm around my best buddy Biff
Pondering about the good old days
Oh, how I remember the times we shared
The special moments you showed me how much you cared
The long days you waited for me

When I journeyed far from home
Miles and miles,
I flew into foreign land
To protect the ones I love back home
To protect the land we live in

Oh, how I cherish this great land of ours
After seeing the darkness that surrounds us
By far

Many days and nights,
When I was away
I thought to myself
Oh, how I missed my dog Biff
My friend,
My pal,
My little furry man

My little buddy
Biff who stood by my side
Each time I came home

Who watched me weep,
Who watched me heal,
Who watched me laugh,
Who watched me mourn
And who watched me dance
When times were nice

Oh, how I treasure my dog Biff
Remembering all the times,
We shared together
All the time his love kept me going
Without end

When times were tough
And oh so rough
Biff was always there

Oh what a special dog
He is

As he sits on the cliff next to me
Staring at me with his big brown eyes
As the sun fades from sight
and daytime is quickly turning to night

I think quietly to myself
One dog,
One friend,
And a lifetime of memories to cherish to the end


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Stacey Chillemi graduated from Richard Stockton College in Pomona, New Jersey, majoring in marketing and advertisement. In the mid-nineties while in college, she began her first book, Epilepsy: You're Not Alone. It was published six years later. Before and after graduation in 1996, she worked in New York City for NBC. Since the birth of her children, she has been a freelance journalist., She has written features for journals and newspapers. Her articles have appeared in dozens of newspapers and magazines in North America and abroad. She won an award from the Epilepsy Foundation of America in 2002 for her help and dedication to people with epilepsy.

Last updated July 09, 2013