Highway to Happiness

Highway to Happiness

Dogs bring happiness into your home,
Nothing on this planet can replace the special moments you create with your dog.

They bring memories to cherish,
These memories may be a part of the past
However, in my head they'll always last,
I can share these memories with the world
And let the world know what my dogs mean to me
And by sharing these special times with you
I can make the rest of the world see what happiness means to me

This is what happiness means to me…

H is for …

Happy: Forever being happy with the pets you love

A is for …

Acceptance: Your dogs accept you for who you are and not what you should be

P is for …

Pleasure: The pleasure you get spending your life with the dogs you love

P is for …

Protect: Your dogs will always protect you making sure you’re safe and never at harm. This brings you happiness know that they care.

I is for …

Individuality: Every dog is different in his or her own way, but they all have one thing in common the way they love. And it’s the love they show that brings happiness into our lives.

N is for …

Necessary: It is necessary to have things in your life that bring happiness to your heart. Dogs bring warmth to your world that makes the heart tender and soul loving.

E is for …

Excitement: Dogs bring excitement to our lives as we bond as one and become happy and excited when we see our dogs happy and excited too.

S is for …

Special: Dogs are something special in our lives that bring joy to our world.

S is for …

Simplicity: Some people think the biggest and most expensive things in life are what brings happiness, but really it’s the simplest things in life that bring true happiness to your heart like when your dog waits for you by the door to greet you after you’ve been gone for a while. Happiness comes from the love and appreciation that someone else feels for you.

So …
As the moon shines bright up in the sky
I sit below and think about all the happy memories that flew by
These memories have passed
But in But in my head they'll always last
Even though they came and went so fast
And they are a part of my past
I'd shown the world by sharing them with you
What happiness means to me
Believe it or not, I made you all see
What happiness means to me

Stacey Chillemi

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Stacey Chillemi graduated from Richard Stockton College in Pomona, New Jersey, majoring in marketing and advertisement. In the mid-nineties while in college, she began her first book, Epilepsy: You're Not Alone. It was published six years later. Before and after graduation in 1996, she worked in New York City for NBC. Since the birth of her children, she has been a freelance journalist., She has written features for journals and newspapers. Her articles have appeared in dozens of newspapers and magazines in North America and abroad. She won an award from the Epilepsy Foundation of America in 2002 for her help and dedication to people with epilepsy.

Last updated July 09, 2013