The Scared Soldier

When the world is silent I recall all I’ve been through,
That day when sun blazed and wind sharply blew.
That day in a place I didn’t know, far away from my home,
Forgotten bodies littered the ground like the ruins in Rome.
The ringing sound of bombs, men covered in burns,
The blood, the death- scenes to make the strongest stomach churn.
I was simply a pawn on a chessboard full of pieces,
All hoping to return to their sons, wives and nieces.
For war was just a game of numbers and strength,
Controlled and played by those who were out of firing range.
I was forced into being here alongside many others more,
We did not ever wish to take a part, all the guts and the gore.
But I did fight for my country, I did do them proud,
For I was an independant piece, not a sheep in their crowd.
When the violence started, my eyes darted everywhere,
Shot down the enemy, a man like me who didn’t want to be there.
A mixture of emotions shot rapidly into my mind,
So scared, worried, lonely- Am I going to die?
A young girl walks into the confusion of the field,
Shock shoots through my body- how can she be here?
So many bullets shot, her eyes are wide as she shouts,
I jump in front of her body, filled with worried doubts.
Did I save the child? Is she still alive?
Was her life spared by my sacrifice?
I peer down at a scene from high up above,
They’re placing flowers on my grave, showing me their love.
The little girl is grown up now, she wipes tears from her eyes,
As she remembers the day when the scared soldier saved her life.


A once-published poet who fell off the face of the earth, so to speak.

Last updated June 02, 2013