shivering wind

shivering wind

for Elizabeth

Las manos de la nieve
la nieve que cae en suenos
tus suenos como sombras
--- Rodolfo Alonso

touching your lips
i plunge deeply
into the caressing dreamland
that is ours alone…
cover me
with the azure blanket
of your being
i need the reassurance
the sanctuary of your arms…

dying the candle
shivers in the wind
hopelessly seeking your body
there is only your shadow
fading through my hands…

waiting for you
in a quilted darkness
the memory of your kiss
warms all that i remain
the velvet fragrance
of your nakedness
embraces my last refuge…
i dream inside your dream

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Correctional educator. Freelance journalist and editor. Work recently appeared in Fog & Woodsmoke (Lost Hills Books, 2011). He was also represented in From the Other World: Poems in Memory of James Wright (Lost Hills Books, 2008). His poetry has appeared in many diverse publications and anthologies including: Arabesques Review, Poetry Salzburg Review, Quarry, Abraxas, Sarasvati, The Dawntreader, Inclement Weather, Weirdbook, Treaders of Starlight, Broken Streets, Amanda Blue, Blue Unicorn, Stone Country, The Wormwood Review, Mundus Artium and the Goose River Anthology series. Co-editor of the fantasy poetry collection: Omniumgathum. Author: Dream Dealers and Other Shadows. Has translated from the work of the French-Canadian poet, Fernand Ouellette. Presently engaged in translating from the poetical works of the Argentine poet, Rodolfo Alonso.

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