It had been too long;
There's no news of Your whereabouts.
It was...I forgot when
'U' made me stop,stand still,
Staring at 'U' at the zebra-crossing.
Do 'U' remember ?
'U' were subverting the roads
With Your fingers,
Saying- Be careful !

Now I violate traffic-rules
Without being injured
By vehicles.
Reserving the swelling of heart,
Time sinks

Could 'U' recall the date
We had sailed the street,
Crossed by a cat ?

Subhrasankar Das

Subhrasankar Das's picture

SUBHRASANKAR DAS, born on first May 1986 in Tripura(north-eastern part of India), is an award-wining figure of modern Bengali literature.He writes both in Bengali & English (POETRY, Short-stories For adults & children). He writes poetry in top literary & commercial magazines of Kolkata, Tripura, Assam/Gawahati/Silchr.His poems have been included in many collections of poems: Few poems have been recorded in (cdmp3)by KobiKonthe kobita'(souharda, Kolkata)& "Je matite jibon jage''(Eastern school of publication).*He has been invited & awarded as 'Best poet 2008'by 'Binay padak committee', kolkata(Poschimbongo Bengla Academy)for his book'Tontukit'.His poems in English have been published and appreciated in various international journals/web magazines/blogs. *HE HAS GOT INVITATION FROM THE PRESIDENT OF '22ND WORLD CONGRESS OF POETS'(LARISSA, GREECE 2011), & Asiawrites...

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