Funeral Day Thoughts

Your eyes were fixed
Staring at nothing, and-
Turning into pale blue.

The eyes I ever loved
For being so serene
Lovely or lusty:
As they change like tides
As they change like seasons.

Your voice were thin and lost-
Before it's heard.

The voice I ever loved
For being so resonant
Un-fluttered or breathy:
As they greet 'good morning'
Planting a kiss on my cheek
As they whisper 'good night'
Planting a kiss on my cheek.

Your smell and your warmth
All vanished like a dream.

Those I thought was mine so far
For being so close to my soul:
As we ever braided
As the mating snakes
As we never parted
As the sea and the shore.

Many of them: Our beloveds, our enemies
Came, stood and went back
Wearing black in the sunny morning
The funeral and mourning get to it's end.

Some where it says so
"When body is slain-
Soul remain un-slain,
He who is never born,
Is never destructible too"

If so, let me just forget the things
And let me rejoice the moments-
While our souls were together
And then look for the same-
Again and again.

Sudheesh Vs, Nov 30, 2013

Part time writer, based in Bangalore, South India

Last updated December 01, 2013