Light goes to Darkness
Back to Light;
Stars, in Darkness, many
Starry eyes
Burning to come alive out of
Visiting Light, I saw it
Covered by
Many heavy clouds,
Fleeting to and fro,
Light – Darkness – in turns.

Please, don’t forget Light in your
Darkness, heavy and gloom
Round and round it goes. But
Please, do not forget
Appearing for a glimpse out
Of the clouds –
That’s all we have in this hour.


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I am a writer and artist and I live in Israel. I studied Hebrew and English languages and literature and I hold a Master of Philosophy degree in literature from London University; before my retirement, I was a teacher of Hebrew and English languages and literature. I am interested in anthropology in general and in mythology in particular and I write with these subjects in mind. In literature, I am particularly interested in fantasy and science fiction and I have written and had published stories, novellas, novels and essays both in Hebrew and English. In 1993 I had a book of poems published in Hebrew., A list of my published works in English can be found (I hope) in this address:, Samples of my art works and some family photos can be found in the following address:

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