My heart be mindful

Some hearts are too close to aversion.
Too malevolant to be trusted.
Falsely swear to adore for eterninty.
Claiming their affection is inevetable.
They zest in talking an advantage of an eye that is too blind to see what matters.
Too much love, loyalty or kindness
Is just a door were betrayal comes in.
Their lips posses heavenly words that changes
The future the instant they encounter you ear.
Consider that a hunter can do to draw his prey nearer; its weakness will be his strenght.
The more spledid it looks, the more fatal it is.

Themba Mokwena's picture

Themba Mokwena was born in South african (1995), in a small town called Ermelo. He currently lives in Bethal. He started writting poems when he was 19 years old.

Last updated January 05, 2018