A Lady Aurum

Facing the idolum of near successive picture perfection
I sat looking at her in all earthly wide wonder
All that I had heard of her became much clear
I kept thanking the happy chance for such lucky reflection.

Gentle grace, lucid charm, distinct person full of pristine vision
Setting forth moral marks by austerity, halting others in fear
Her very presence makes the stigma go down with unseen shudder
She is, but a lady aurum with no substitution.

Keep going, for we know not others with better honesty
Living with cogitate morality you are content and at ease
You aspire, for tranquil world hoping this chaos to cease.

Doing your devoted prophetic work to the good of humanity
Your propitious thoughts will frame the system with prosperity
I hence wish this, may your good tribes ever increase.

thriveni c mysore

Ms Thriveni C Mysore is a science teacher, writer, critic and poet from India.

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Last updated September 04, 2022