once i saw a old man's shop

When I'm crossing my street,
there's an old man's shop on the other side,
Its so cold and snowy outside there,
But he used to make statues everyday,
And those statues attracts me always,
I felt so amazed,
When I'm starring those one,
Without blinking my eyes for a while,
And a thought comes on my mind,
How beautiful the simple things are in life,
Only we've to notice them once,
The shape given to sand by him,
Seems like they gotta new wonderful life,
Their perfection astonish me always,
Look like they'll stand and came to me,
Cause how real they seems,
No words are left to me,
Just a simple,"wow" I want to say,
This old man's shop, I remember always..!!


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I'm a student, doing my last year graduation. And I love to write poems and stories..

Last updated December 29, 2014