To Somebody Out There

If I remember
It started from a cell
Wrong number, right answer
It's just another day went by
Until a paragraph came along
And answers back longer than an highway

The highway is straight ahead
Comes and goes never ends
Until one day
Each of us tries to face-to-face
But time seems caught in the act
And face-to-face just inside our imagination
Imagination is better than reality

And just get along through the highway
And the paragraphs are still there
Still there intertwine
with thoughts
with laugh
with heart
with care
And it wouldn't fade away
Until the decision is made
in a different highway

Vashti Trisawati Abhidana's picture

I like to write short stories (mostly in Indonesian language) and poetry (English and Indonesian). However... I don't like read my poetry in public. But if someone wants to read it, by all means.

Last updated September 28, 2011