Sea of lavender ( 4 pre-summer poems )

into the sunset

into the sunset
the black mare
my love
disappears –

her gentle silhouette
tosses the discus
of silence
into craters
of hoof-less stars

my black mare
my love
with mane
of wind
has gone

the sunset
. . .

sea of lavender

walk on the surface
walk on the water my dear
yours is the sea of lavender
yours is the conquest of childhood
and the path through
is baptism of senses
ascension after crucifixion of memories

would you stop my dear
would you lift my soul
up to the violet dusk
of your lavender sea

in ecstasy
I am drowning

. . .

the little life with its wet nostrils

how long do we have left my love
it is the tide of falling sun
over the glittering blue of unfolding distance
mermaids of mesmerizing summer
petals of promises
within your geranium reach

I will try to hold it
that little life with its wet nostrils
for another 100 years

but at times
I see his sad eyes
and I read in them

“I wanna
run and run and run. . .”

and I am wondering
shall I. . .

but then I do remember your birth in me
from wind
and waves

. . .my Goddess. . .

. . .

plateau of clouds

plateau of clouds
towards you
my eyes ache
towards your constantly shifting beauty
my breath tiptoes
walking on your cobwebs
plateau of clouds
my I-ness can feel
the breezy differences
the tinted shadows
and dreams of sand

and high above - bewildered sun
and high above - seagulls like charcoal scratches

at times you look like a Dalmatian
plateau of clouds
at times you look like a wing
of a blue butterfly
yesterday - dusty river were you
dusty river

but always
when I feel the thin-ness inside
that tread-like thin-ness of the. . .gone
you plateau of clouds
put a puffy hat on my forehead
and your wind
whispers an inappropriate pre-summer joke

for which I am grateful

Sweet Colonnade

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Vasil Slavov is a Bulgarian poet. Graduated English philology from Sofia University “ Kliment Ohridsky “. First collection of poetry published in 1989. Same year moved to USA. Studied poetry with the MFA program (Bruce Weigl) at Pennsylvania State University. Poems published in the collection of Bulgarian verse “ Windows at the Black Sea “ (Carnegie Mellon University Press), editors Richard Harteis and William Meredith. Author of several books of poetry, collections of short stories and a novel (editors of his books published in Bulgaria - Georgi Borissov, Boris Hristov, Penka Vatova). Last book of poetry “Americana“, published with “Trud“ Publishing House - Sofia, Bulgaria - December 2010. Lives with his wife and daughter in Pittsburgh, PA.

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