A kiss to the ground

You only read the bible when you're weak,
You only pray when you can't sleep.
You only love once you've lost,
You expect kindness to come with a cost.

Soldiers die tonight
For loving the blue red and white.
Children are starving right now,
But your shoes aren't polished and you're having a cow.

Go on and live with a bitter heart,
It's not your family falling apart.
Go on and complain about your fancy gown,
Go on and kiss your money, I'll kiss the ground.

Victoria Rose's picture

I am 16 years old, I love God, my family, and my friends. I try my best to live a happy, healthy lifestyle and to appreciate all of the little things in life. I'm known by my peers to be a "hippie" because I always seem to "Go with the flow"., My life motto is known to be "Keep on keepin' on", because I believe that in life, many things are thrown at you and though it may seem unbearable at times, most of the time there's nothing you can do about it but to just simply "Keep on keepin' on"., You'll find that a lot of my poems are about loving family, mostly because within the past year I lost 5 important members, one of them being my baby cousin who was murdered by his mothers boyfriend. A lot has happened to me throughout my life, which is why I'm considered to be wise beyond my years. I don't think like the average teenager today, and I most certainly look at the world in a whole different perspective., A lot of my other poems turn to God, because when times are tough, he's the man I turn to. I will admit, many Christians are very judgmental and seem to put themselves higher than others, however I will also admit, I'm not that kind of Christain. Yes, I love The Lord, no I'm not going to judge or hate somebody because they don't share the same beliefs as me, and no I'm not going to push them into sharing the same beliefs as me either. I'm not going to hate somebody because they get abortions, I'm not going to hate somebody because of their sexuality either. I believe that your life is your life, and whatever you chose to make it is your own decision, but I also believe that if you make a wrong decision in life, you should be able to face whatever consequences come a long with it., God and love is important to me, however I am only human, and I make mistakes just like everybody else, which is why some of my other poems may not exactly be considered "holy"., I know I may not be the best poet out there, and my diction may not be as strong as others, however I always try my best to simply and creatively get my point across in each and every one of my poems, and I always try to show the reader how the world looks in my eyes.

Last updated November 12, 2022