Get together

It was in the evening, I got a call,
A gentle greetings from the other side, it was my old pal,

It was nice to talk to him, after a long while,
Talking everything from past to present, our memories did pile,

Not only us, but we were many,
It had been a long time; we had seen any,

It was him, who proposed us to meet,
We shared this info to all and did tweet,

It was the restaurant, where everyone arrived,
Our friendship was much stronger than just survived,

Some had gone bald, some had gone lean,
Some put on weight; it was an interesting scene,

Not just a meeting, it was a beautiful get together,
Rejoicing and having fun, hope this continues forever.

Vinaya Kumar Hanumanthappa

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Hi, I am Vinay from Bangalore, India. I am a software engineer by profession. I see myself as (V)ery (I)nteresting, (N)atural and (A)dmirable (Y)oungster :), I believe in making world a beautiful place to live by expressing our feelings, thoughts, experiences, learning and many more through poetry., I blog @Simply Vinaya,

Last updated October 11, 2013