Instead of farewell

- to Srdjan, the boy who has changed my world

tell all those who you will love after me that your eyes have already conquered the world once. and also that your hands have split the ocean, dividing it in two.

to those who would be kissing you in those sleepless nights , tell them: I have already passed through the flooded land. and I saw the face of drowning man. his body was slender like the little tern’s. but his heart was a bonfire. tell all those who would be listening to you, about the fountain of the lepers. about the nest where we refused to grow up. about the mountains that many are climbing, but the peaks could only see the ones who are chosen. about the flowers, talk about the flowers we planted in the hidden ravines. also, how large and cruel is breathing of the land. and also about how vainly is to defy solitude of the grasses.

I wonder intensively when and why we stopped believing in fairy tales?

And if sometime again, in the nights of twilights, freezing zephyr awaken your melancholic thought, don’t doubt: I will be yours until I’ll be there in the contours of your shadow

Vinko Kalinic

(Translated into English
Darko Kotevski, Melbourne, Australia)

Vinko Kalinić

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Vinko Kalinić was born 1974 in Split, Croatia. He is a writer, journalist and human rights activist. He lives on the island of Vis. He is the editor of the internet portal My island of Vis, which is dedicated to life on the island and the Mediterranean culture. Also on facebook Vinko Kalinić daily writes his poetic diary, which tracks more than 2 300 fans. -

Last updated September 19, 2011