To a friend

Hey friend, let your hands grow
as they pass, silently among people
when tired at early dawn they wake
all secrets, from all your warm harbours.

In the dark of nights, when my God comes down
when the stars begin (singing) their fables
when common things turn magnificent
I will think of you, as a friend of mine

You should know, that in this world you are not alone
as every star holds a part of you
- and stars exist only to grant wishes

Believe me my friend, as I know this well
people are like songs reborn
when their hands get touched by the ones that walk by

Vinko Kalinic

(Translated into English
Darko Kotevski, Melbourne, Australia)

Vinko Kalinić

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Vinko Kalinić was born 1974 in Split, Croatia. He is a writer, journalist and human rights activist. He lives on the island of Vis. He is the editor of the internet portal My island of Vis, which is dedicated to life on the island and the Mediterranean culture. Also on facebook Vinko Kalinić daily writes his poetic diary, which tracks more than 2 300 fans. -

Last updated September 19, 2011