Rain falling

Falling rain brings you to me

"Times New Roman","serif"">While your face I see in my tears

"Times New Roman","serif"">Missing turns into a stream

"Times New Roman","serif"">Filling up my soul

"Times New Roman","serif"">Overflown I cannot breath

"Times New Roman","serif"">Rain’s falling and reminds me of you

"Times New Roman","serif"">Your silky voice and soft eyes

"Times New Roman","serif"">The stream of missing you takes me away

"Times New Roman","serif"">To the sea of pain

"Times New Roman","serif"">Rain is falling and you are not here

"Times New Roman","serif"">To silently thrill

"Times New Roman","serif"">Tucked in each other’s eyes

"Times New Roman","serif"">While rain’s falling.

Vladimir Marku

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Vladimir Marku: novelist, poet, essayist, translator and interpreter. Born Durrës, Albania, October, 1950. Graduated at Foreign Languages Faculty, Tirana University. Worked in the oil industry. Presently teaches English at a Private Foreign Languages Institute., Has written twenty-six books, all published, in Albanian and some in English.

Last updated May 21, 2012