Ghouls parade

When the sun dies and the nights resurrect
Its time for mankind to retire
To sunken pillows and cold beds
Yawns and dimmed lights mark this hour
When all sleep and snore
Knowing not what to expect

It time to rise my pretties
The hour of the phantom has finally come
Our screams break the silent nights
Pains of an age gone by recalled
Vengeance for actions done is unleashed as wars
We walk the corridors and backyards and rooms
Our breath blows your curtains and leaves and brooms
We put out candles and bang your doors
Its playtime for phantoms and ghouls

Your dare not venture your eyes open
As invisible hands expose you to the cold
We move your furniture and dare to be bold
To create a racket in the process
Blink and we become like clothes
Hung up for the morning

You dare not venture or see the worse
As we go about what we do best
As a specter flies high and a ghost flies low
Our mischief grows as the hours go by
We haunt your dogs to howl and bark
All we do is hid by the dark

As dawn approaches we slowly glide
Taking souls which cannot hide
Young and old we do not spare
As we rob this earth bare

The days are yours to keep
But the nights, those nights
Are ours

Brako Attafua

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Last updated April 15, 2011