by kapardeli eftichia

Alexander "Greek Prince '
one hand holds the spear
and Shield
under the armpit
"Resindet that Pindos
called Macedon "
divided into real time
heir of the ancient world
son of Zeus Ammon
Blood Alexander divine blood
a God who is
fertile land
gives fruit,
the great myth that
Law and order
destiny in a
eternal return
a large Conqueror

Alexander the Great
Jupiter holding lightning

table in Apella
Royal golden generation
"It is possible becoming

one of many "
Grand marshal
Egypt and Palestine
The Greek cities of
Asia Minor, the Liberator
"Of the Greek name not by gender but by the intellect
the same Greek spirit and
the same language in
Greek culture all
Winners and Defeated

kapardeli eftichia


Eftichia Kapardeli was born in Athens And live in patras.She wrote poetry, stories, topics, Xai-kou, essays, novels., She participate in chorus like soprano She gratuation from deparment in journalism A.K.E.M (Athenian center vocational education)., She participate a lot of many education seminars She know H/Y 7 programs, English and Italian, classic kithara And study right voice, She was guide in the body of hellenic girl scout She is volunteer fire-woman and participate in programs, Volunteer active Like listener student she follow the 2004 the deparment filology of University patras., She has rewarding in panhellenics competitions poetry, topics, stories, Novels, fable, xai kou, She take discernement in her book *secret march*(novel) From D.E.E.L and *sikeliana 2006* (salamina) UNESCO, Her work publication in magazines in Literaries IN GREECE AND ABROAD, The first poetics collections is *confindings of secrets* and *light* Also she is painter and cartoonist, She is have one paper in university of cyprus {the creek civilication}, She is member in world poets society{w.p.s}the official website is, Member IWA internasional writers associations president Teresinka pereira AND member P.E.L in Greece, Contact her at the following address: e-mail:,!/profile.php?id=1377152190,,,,

Last updated August 18, 2011