Audience with a Poet Written December 13, 1976 For Robert E. Hayden, Ph.D

I had heard he was
a poet. As I watched
him, well formed, refined;
as he captured the stage:
Soon I was hexed, fixed,
amazed by this man --
this poet. His mode
wise, easy and light,
He caused me to stop
and to think a bit.
He spoke such with
striking wit...
In tidings often
dapper and bold
people, places, things
and time are imbibed!
Visions, Orion, the Cape,
Aunt Jemima;
El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz:
(Today, by this man --
this poet.)

The Dancers and Other Poems

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Charles Morgan lives in Washington, DC. He has published a collection of poems 'The Dancers and Other Poems' and a novel 'Good Friends' -- He has been working on a memoir and creating various approaches to visual art...

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