It is strange when I become silent,
I become silent when I am defeated,
I become quiet when I face humiliation,
I become silent when I am eulogized,
I become quiet in a whirlwind of emotions.
Is there ecstasy in being silent?
Maybe so, maybe not,
Or maybe inside me,
There is someone who wants to speak.
In the sixth sense,
the one that we speak of makes us feel hurt,
maybe for not utilizing or respecting him,´
is the reason the this silence exists.
There are no vibrations there,
no thoughts or emotions,
tectonic plates or hurricanes.
Only you and I exist,
without intermediates or interruptions
only one God and an atheist.


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BIOGRAPHY, Milton Junior Roza lives in Rio de Janeiro / RJ. He was born in Florianopolis in Santa Catarina on 06/14/1967. He lived in Barbacena, Minas Gerais. Started to write during he was young. First in poetic prose and then to hone his gift, he joined in three literature courses at Casa Andrade in Barra Funda in São Paulo capital., Married to Fatima Pereira – has two daughters, Rhana Dafne Pereira and Olívia Maria Pereira Rosa., He was always engaged in public service. He worked in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Petrobras, the Regional Electoral Tribunal inter alia, through public tenders., He’s Majoring in Philosophy. He joined the school, the School of Air Cadets to be airman in order to achieve high levels., He broadened their horizons in your site called This site is all the work done in poetry, stories, messages, letters, books and a novel called THE SEED-PEDHRO JERA ISA., Another book that is published in a virtual format entitled WISH incurable. It’s a design of a new children's book yet unnamed set.

Last updated October 02, 2015