Written Manna

A phalanx of brown-bereted
spear out from the
bunkers of tree-trunks
as thunder bugled the sleeping soldiers
to salute the raingod’s marching;

Diligent winds sweep the earth
as amateur brooks beat
a thousand cymbals
to be redeemed by an orchestra
of river choirs.

Forgotten frog poets
of three seasons
finally gather
a mandatory audience
of pricey-feathered wings
and warm-gowned cottage families
sipping the warmth of brewed raindrops;
Budding silver-scale poets
go about in circles looking for
metaphoric interpretations.

Soldiers and their guns
listen in hovels
roofed by polythene blues
reminiscent of
the same summer sky.

Dusty flame-tree leaves
shower bright
on par with
peacock feathers
all set
for an indigenous
rain dance.

As I behold and peruse,
I have absorbed
that poetry
like rain
supplies for every season.

Manipur, India

RangamChiru's picture

32 yr old....belong to Chiru tribe from Manipur in North-east India. Oriental Christian population of the hills bordering Myanmar, Thailand. So despite being an Indian, there is a sad Identity crisis...political conflict for sovereignty going on since six decades called Indo-Naga conflict sometimes visible in my work through the restlessness and political hardships of the people. I belong to Oral folklore and nature worshiping tribe evangelized by American baptist Missionaries around a century back. I do poetry primarily based on folk and nature. I write regularly on Allpoetry.com and now feel confident enough to grow further in english writing after having won some contests there as a part of my self-assessment and want to hone further.

Last updated May 25, 2011