Take My Hands

by Ajmer Rode

Take my two hands
make eight feet of them
give them to the spider I
soaked in hot water in
my kitchen sink.

I will hide my arms
in long sleeves, will
finish the last painting with
brush in my teeth
but take my two hands.

If the spider
curled up into
silence, dies
she will weave her next web
in my soul
will travel with me
through all the lives
eighty four thousand
and more.

Leela, 1999

Ajmer Rode's picture

Ajmer Rode has published books of poetry, drama, and translation in Punjabi and English. His works have been included in several anthologies in Canada and India. His 1000-page book Leela, co-authored with N Bharati, is included in outstanding works of the twentieth century Punjabi poetry. Ajmer is considered a founder of Canadian Punjabi drama. His poem “Stroll in a Particle” is among 8 international poems permanently inscribed on a public wall outside the new building of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle, 2011

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