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Rupi Kaur is a Canadian poet, writer and feminist, born in India. She rose to fame as Instapoet through her poems published online, using Instagram as her main platform. She published her first collection of poems and prose called Milk and Honey in 2014, which deals with topics such as violence, abuse, love, loss and femininity.
Rupi Kaur began her career as an online poet through social networks such as Instagram and Tumblr. Among her most notable works is her photo-essay on Menstruation, described as a work of visual poetry challenging the societal taboo of menstruation. Her works also develop other themes, such as abuse, femininity, love and loss. Rupi Kaur says female empowerment is her favorite writing topic because it's like becoming my own best friend and giving me the advice I need. She also published The Sun and her Flowers in 2017.
Rupi Kaur says she draws inspiration from other people's stories and experiences. She is inspired by authors such as Anaïs Nin, Virginia Woolf and Warsan Shire and began writing poetry seriously in 2013. All her work is written in lower case, and the only punctuation used is the period. She says she decided to write this way in order to pay homage to her culture of origin since, in texts written in Gurmukhi, there are no capital letters. She also says she appreciates the uniformity of the letters and that this style reflects her vision of the world.

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