all my mistakes
each click of the pen
the robin moves

traffic jam
a driver fingers the breeze
through the sunroof

summer wind
a sparrow re-rights itself
at the peanut cage

the rain
almost a friend
this funeral

through the blizzard
particles of me

Prints for the Morning

Alan Summers's picture

Alan Summers resides in Bradford on Avon and is a Japan Times award-winning writer with a Masters Degree in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University. He is a Pushcart Prize nominated poet who has studied and written haiku and other Japanese form poetry for over twenty years. Alan has won awards, been published internationally and translated into 15 languages. He helped his American team win Japan Times Best Renga of 2002. He’s a co-editor of five haiku anthologies: Parade of Life: Poems inspired by Japanese Prints; The Poetic Image - Haiku and Photography; Fifty-Seven Damn Good Haiku, Press Here; Four Virtual Haiku Poets; and c.2.2. Themes of Loss of Identity and/or Name. He has been General Secretary of the British Haiku Society and a Foundation Member of the Australian Haiku Society. Alan is currently working on The Kigo Lab, a project to use the potential of Western haiku seasons for eco-critical writing. He has a haiku pamphlet collection called The In-Between Season (2012), and a short verse and gendai haiku book called Does Fish-God Know. More at: http://area17.blogspot.com

Last updated August 11, 2011