this crazy teacher
wants me to write a haiku
I've no idea how

global warming is
just the end of the ice age
so the penguins say

the boy with no shoes
now you see him, now you don't
my wallet -- it's gone!

small boy with squeegee
no shoes, making a living
as all grown men should

the smell of solvent,
sounds of youthful street wisdom --
working kids live here

level: three -- strength: ten
four more lives ---- what? game over??!!
... zapped by the real world

said the man to jack
shove those worthless magic beans
take this cow instead

in the land of grey mist
sleep children without childhood
in bedrooms -- no walls

a hole in the fence
water hole, rusting steel beams
some kids call it home

city of plywood
where we can see what we breath
but not our next meal

hello shoe shine boy
where's your bed? who cooks for you?
you're here every day

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I live with my wife and young son in N. Ireland. I've spent much of my life in Thailand, where we were all born (I, of my Irish father and American mother). I like to write, I have several novels self published -- mostly science fiction -- and some poetry. My poetry tends to be humorous, some limericks, silly rhymes, parodies of Mother Goose, etc., though I have some of a more serious nature, including some haiku. My works can be seen at www.TinyUrl.com/RobbysBooks

Last updated August 08, 2011