Feast of the Eyes

This poem is all about how I see world from my eyes, my thought related to the universe and my importance towards it.

Immensely blue sky with white silvery clouds,
Seems as if it’s making some sound,
Transforming itself into dark all around,
That seems as if black curtains are turning round.
Drop by drop the curtain opens,
And looks like something’s have fallen,
Frolicking barefoot i feel them,
That helps me feel closer to the land.
The crispy and cool air breezing,
That caresses my face knocking,
Makes me feel refreshing,
Saying that I'm still yawning.
At night, when moon makes its appearance,
Seems as if it’s gazing the glory of universe,
Twinkling jewels adds to its beauty not to the worse,
Instead my senses make it more wondrous.
I feast my eyes upon the scene of immense activity,
And witness the nature’s beauty,
Preserving these is my duty,
Nevertheless i never allow it to gain someone’s sympathy.

Alina Ahmed

Alina Ahmed's picture

Alina Ahmed (16th Sept' 94) is a workoholic girl, currently working as a graphic designer in a renowned compnay., From childhood days, observing and discovering new reality is her mania. Her passion for interpreting macrocosm in her own language made her to write poems in concise explanation.

Last updated June 22, 2011