Sun Shining Through A Cabbage Leaf

by Robert Sund

Robert Sund

I have maxims:
One zucchini is enough
for any garden.

Plant for beauty first.

Nasturtiums climbing the corner
alongside lemon cucumbers,
the bright purple veins of
red kale -
the vegetable peas with their
white flowers
showing where to look.

Plant winter cabbage.

Next summer is when it
reveals what it is really
going to do.

It holds tiny pockets of crystal water
on its leaves.
Afternoon light through the wide leaves
reveals the pattern of veins,
a high and perfect geometry.

One form links with another,
the form
varied but kept,
making a thing of wonder.

As the pattern repeats,
the form and wonder

The great palaces of the world
have got their message here:

The tiled floors,
the lace of stone windows,
the song confessing mystery.

All started here:

The leafy cabbage.
A dish singing in the light.

Last updated October 13, 2022