Meaning of silence-ness.

I was always fascinated by the pleasure of pain,
Never understood the jealously of love,
I was always intensified by the moon light,
But always hated the sunlight,
I didn’t knew the power of evoke-ness,
Rather discriminated in the passion of socialness,
And was all taken by just a silence-ness.

One day I understood the pleasure of love,
That it was sacrificed the jealousy of pain,
The light was important not that where it came from,
Nor the moon neither the sun,
It just gave the way that was just his way of affection,
The passion of evoke-ness was satisfactory,
In spite the power of socialness,
And was all understood by a sense of silence-ness.

Love n pain were kinda truth,
But light was kinda swift,
Power was necessary,
But passion was the need,
Came into being was a thought of changing the dream,
Life gave me a chance again to cum along where everyone was in scream,
Where pain became their passion and power became their silence-ness.

Alina Ahmed

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Alina Ahmed (16th Sept' 94) is a workoholic girl, currently working as a graphic designer in a renowned compnay., From childhood days, observing and discovering new reality is her mania. Her passion for interpreting macrocosm in her own language made her to write poems in concise explanation.

Last updated May 09, 2011