Basic Life Support

Basic life support consists
A number of life-saving techniques.
Patients with cardiac arrests,
Improves the survival rates.
As you will learn head-tilt,
Chin-lift and jaw thrust maneuvers;
Circulation, airway and breathing
Are very important things as well.

In case patient is unconscious,
Check his level of consciousness.
If there is no pulsation,
Start chest compressions.
Every minute is important.
So never stop,
Compressing the chest
Until blood reaches the brain
and has enough oxygen.

When pulses are back,
Circulation is alright.
Give two rescue breaths at first.
Then see the rise and fall
On patient's chest.
Just make sure,
Pulses are there.

When patient is awake
As he regains consciousness,
Explain what happened.
Monitor vital signs
Every five minutes.

When he can tolerate
As his vital signs are stable,
Advise doctor's consultation.


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Last updated February 23, 2013