What My Dreams in Life

When I was a child I'd a tough life.
I dreamed of becoming a doctor.
I dreamed of becoming a lawyer
But I ended up of being a nurse.

At an early age,
My parents were away from me
And only grandparents were there for me.
But then I understood it was for our future.

Though I'd encountered troubles with my playmates,
I was never a prodigal son to my parents.
I was just spoiled by my grandparents
And I don't blame them for loving me, of course.

When I was a high school student,
My parents trained me to be independent
That's why they sent me to the Seminary
To become a God-fearing person today.

When I went to college for study,
I took B.S in Nursing Degree
And all my teachers were proud of me
Especially on my personality.

Now that I'm a Registered Nurse in America,
Philippines, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia,
Part of me is still missing...

I dream of a peaceful place to live
where my wife can stay with me.
I dream of a better world
Where my children can grow old.

Until all these dreams never come true,
My life is still an empty bottle.


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Last updated February 23, 2013