I Knew This Was Love

From the beginning,
I have a strong feeling
When you stared at me
And I caught you in the eye.
I knew there was something
You wanted to tell me.
I knew those eyes wouldn't lie
Even though I knew you
Over a short period of time.

I knew this was love.
You were the only one
Who caught my real attention
For we were a perfect combination.
I knew how I felt for you
And I knew you were someone
I wanted to be with
For the rest of my life.

Although this was a first time
That happened to me,
Falling in love with you
Was the easiest thing to do.
Believe me,
You have the power to change me.
If before I was a little fool,
Now my life is good and beautiful.

You were the best thing
That happened into my life.
You taught me how to love
And when we were together,
I felt like I had known you forever.
It was like heaven by your side always
Especially when I felt your loving kiss.
O darling, I knew this was love.


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Last updated February 23, 2013