What is Love For Me?

"Love is blind, " as they say.
Others define it as insanity.
But if I ask you,
What is love to you?

I say,
Love is an open sky
Which one can fly away
And no one can stand the way.

Love is everywhere
It's for everyone.
It's simple and true,
Yet full of complex situations.

Love is sweet
Like a snicker bar with peanut.
When one is broken-hearted,
Heart can mend.

Love is an act of kindness.
It doesn't count how many mistakes
Your partner is committing.
In other words,
It knows how to understand and be forgiving.

Perhaps love is a natural gift,
As one can't live without...
It has many versions.
Always depends,
In one's convictions.

Love is a never-ending feeling.
It continues to live everlasting.
Imagine life without love,
How we'll be able to survive?


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Last updated February 23, 2013