Sunflower's Love

Don't give in to feeling alone, because time is just a phase.
Don't make me fake what is my own, cause love is like a chase.
I will never make a sound, not the second time around.
Where is the peace promised to me?
There is only fear in this endless sea.

A sea of sunny days, and bright smiling faces.
A swarm of Butterflies, and sunflowers in cases.
Please help me to get out, so I no longer have to shout.
Oh majestic Butterfly above!
How can a sunflower show you his love?

I'm Andre Rodriguez. I have been writing for many years. The style and topics of my poems vary wildly, but I believe most have a spiritual overtone. I write about love, God, attitudes, observations and growing up. Poetry is a big part of who I am. I believe my writing defines me. If you wish to contact me or share work, my email is:

Last updated September 01, 2011