Truly intimate

I want to hold your hands as we walk along the beach at waters edge
I want to kiss in public like two young lovers with no cares of who sees us
I want to whisper words of endearment over the phone, just before we say our goodnights
I want to look into your eyes as long as I can, it makes me week in the knees
I want to comb your hair for you while we sit watching a movie
I want to lay my head on your lap and take a nap while you watch me
I want to share my space with you tonight and just sit still and enjoy the thrill of each others presence
No need right now for more than looking at the sky and natures fantastic artwork
I want your company
I like the thought of you and me
Eyes for you and no one else, you have men in such a state
I’ve this weird wondrous feeling deep in my soul that makes me want to be…
Truly Intimate!

Elijah H. Muied

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Elijah H. Muied A pacific northwest writer & spokenword performance artist (known as 6 Deep the Messenger) residing in Tacoma Wa. He has been writing poetry since the age of twelve & performing his works steadily for the past decade. Elijah has performed in a variety of venues including theatrical productions, variety shows, Jazz lounges & business & college events. His work can be read in "Threads" (a poetry anthology by the African American Writers Alliance) & "Tahoma's Shadow" (a Tacoma poetry anthology). He is currently in rehearsal working on a short film scripted in poetic delivery called Slamtown (created by Lucas Smiraldo) Elijahs poetry is best described in his words as "Rhythmic Expression". Speaking to all in rhythmic delivery of change!

Last updated September 06, 2011