Jacaranda Nostalgia

by Angie Karan

Each year hand by hand we walked
Down Warielda street as we talked
Enveloped with a haze in the warm air
Intoxicating hues of November's flair
Vivid past impressions upon my heart
A platonic embrace playing its part

Ohh Jacaranda Jacaranda, you spread-ed
Your deepest mauves soulfully embedded
Upon my soul the purple blossoms appear
Once again those moments are vividly near
Touching base with tender feelings I reserve
I've missed our walks towards Frys Reserve

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Creating and writing through my experience in life ! Writing (quotes, poems, short stories) and also creating my own digital art, are my inspiration, it is something I put my heart and soul in to when I create them! I am aspired to helping others through these!

Last updated April 11, 2015