Trails of Beauty

by Angie Karan

Trails of beauty fades out much strife
A harmony that runs through all life
We sit together, the mountain and I
Hours upon hours a soothing lullaby
To dive in with beauty before me flares
Profound sense of joy, serenity & glares
A creation, of natural treasures wonder
Stubble-plains with rosy hue; I see afar
The songs of spring echoing Summer
Majestic mountain, peaceful waters flow
Gentle breeze blowing gracefully with awe
This dreamy life, carried by nature's stride
Is one where you go to feel & reach inside

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Creating and writing through my experience in life ! Writing (quotes, poems, short stories) and also creating my own digital art, are my inspiration, it is something I put my heart and soul in to when I create them! I am aspired to helping others through these!

Last updated April 11, 2015