Priceless Art Of Yesterday

by Jose B. Cabajar

Old work of art on the wall,
Viewed by countless pilgrims along the hall,
Faded painting of the ancient,
A glimpse of forgotten lives in transient,
Meticulously framed with unfamiliar wood,
Endured the test of ages and still looks good,
Well-blended hues and excellent art elements,
Allure art lovers to whisper solemn compliments,
Overwhelming brush strokes with a style,
Catch the beholder’s eyes with a smile,
A lot of people may not appreciate,
As inapt art that could not satiate,
Priceless art of yesterday,
Eye-opener of today.
Oh simple man! Don’t let your eyes slumber,
The deep sleep of ignorance is a silent devourer,
A closer look at such precious piece of art,
A message of truth gently touched my tender heart,
Seeing those innocent faces,
With flower-like freshness in foggy places,
Longing for brighter days,
Living in hope throughout their ephemeral days,
Exerting much effort to live a decent life,
Coping up with the heavy demands of everyday life,
Pursuing goals which are yet to be achieved,
Slowed down by devious things they did not perceive,
Tried to cry and appeal for their side,
But who had the courage to stand on their side?
The seemingly rich world enticed them with deceitful help,
In the end, exploited like innocent carnival elf.
Poor and wanting people in the past,
Well-painted on a canvass,
Presented aesthetically,
Revealed prudently and ethically,
Being displayed for the populace to see,
Its message so hard for others to see,
Oh, mysterious painter of profound truth,
A messenger of the Living Truth,
Oh, priceless art of yesterday,
In time to come, it will be your glorious payday.

12/8/2011 Philippines

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Jose Bensan Cabajar is God’s servant, a pastor of Ilagan Baptist Church for more than 23 years now. He is an artist, a poet, a webmaster and a motivational Christian writer. Jose is a UST graduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts, major in Advertising Arts and Theology Degree. Jose is happily married to Maria Nelly Guevarra Angeles from Quezon City, Metro Manila, a graduate AB Economics from the University Of Santo Tomas. After her graduation she worked in the DENR Central Office in Manila. She is also a graduate of Theology Degree. Maria Nelly is a product of La Loma Bible Institute, A ministry of a La Loma Baptist Church, a Fundamental Baptist Church located in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. God has blessed them with two precious daughters, Rachel and Ruth Grace., Jose B. Cabajar Christian ministry has touched people from many parts of the world. His Bible-based Sermon Outlines and Christian articles are published in Christian websites and are being used as sermon resource. His words of wisdom, motivational sayings and poems have been published in many websites, blogs and other forms of publication and have inspired many people from all walks of life from different parts of the world. His involvement in website authoring brought him to other level of Christian Service., God has been using Jose's family and ministry remarkably in leading lost souls to the Living Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. His strict adherence to the principles of Truth and unquestionable faith in Christ made him what he is now known by his fellow servants. His main goal in life is to live a Christ-centered life and to display the power of God globally.

Last updated December 12, 2011