Visiting the Forlorn

I would have liked a ghost for company.
A grayish one with a smoke, drifting
in and out of my house like a friend.
To roam among and outside of himself;
in the chant of his weaving, haunting.

I would have enjoyed the fiddling
of his thumbs, bored with losing
the sensation of touch, letting his whispers
play with me like the wind with leaves.
Feeling him wait for me to see him.

I lie here in wonder, what it would be
like to have visit. To share the qualities
of invisibleness with the dead.
We'd have so much in common
that it would be scary.

So I summoned one, to see if he'd come.
But saw nothing in the house, I felt
a breeze. It was really windy tonight.
I would have like a ghost for company.
It would be nice to have him stay.

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Last updated June 15, 2011