Sun and Moon

Raining in the town
And raining in my mind
Sun and Moon shining
In that time.

But on the road
It's time to raining
The sun is shining
And the moon is shining
But it's raining
On the road and
In my mind.

In the dark on road
I bath in the rain
But the sun is shining
In my mind.

In the dark on road
I bath in the rain
But the moon is shining
In my mind.

Then I feel you and you
And think, you
Hold my hand
And I touched your
Head and hair like a comb.

And I feel my mind
Is shining like the sun
And I feel the moon
Is shining in my mind.

We are on, in dark and road
In the rain
And the sun and the moon
Shining us with
Drops of the rain.

The sun lighting us
With the drop of rain
And the moon
Touched us with the glimpse.

On the dark road
Feel, you and me
Hands with the hands
It's raining
But we're shining
With the rain and rain...! !

Ashish Biswas
Submitted: Sunday, April 08, 2012

Bangladesh, South Asia, Indian sub-continent

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